The E-Tax from someone else’s eyes   2 comments

As I read Tony’s Kansas City, I was so appalled by a comment that I ran into this morning that I had to make it into a blog post. (Here’s the comment)

Hi. I’m 4:51. I live in Pendelton Heights. I went to Bales Baptist Church at 12th and Bales for 15 years. My Grandpa, Mother, Father, 3 Aunts, and Grandma all graduated from Northeast Highschool. Two of those Aunts still live in Scarritt. Do you want my social security number and address? I’m not a liar, nor am I a dumba**. But you know what I am? A f**king voter in KCMO. You’re not. I don’t give two sh*ts if you don’t want to pay this tax. KCMO and I are going to cast our votes in favor of, f**k you jackass

It’s sad that today in Kansas City, and in 24 other cities in this great country, we have lost the sight on one of the grievances that started the American Revolution, “Taxation without Representation”.  As James Otis famously put it, “taxation without representation is tyranny.” So the question of the week is, are your city services worth tyranny? Secondly, do you ever except these people who we are committing tyranny against to ever pass a regional tax to improve the transit system in this area?

The conversations in many ways have been slanted when it comes to services. I don’t think the people who come over here would have a problem paying .25% E-tax for the services they use if they had a vote or some representation in the matter. Here are a few examples of where they have valid points as to why they shouldn’t have to pay the E-tax. First, why should people from surrounding areas contribute to the removal of my trash off 12th and Prospect, I didn’t know they were using this service. Second, why should they contribute to indigent care at Truman, when they don’t qualify to use this service?  Third, why should they pay for our parks when they don’t use them? Fourth, why should someone who is here in Kansas City for 8 to 10 hours a day contribute the same amount to fire and police as a permanent resident does?  These few examples show some of the serious flaws in the E-Tax.

Here’s a concept for the likes of KC Alive and the person who left this comment. Kansas City should learn how to act neighborly. Being neighborly goes both ways. Kansas City leaders complain that they’re stealing our companies and jobs, but we’re not being neighborly by making these people pay for our trash and indigent care which they are not using.  So if this tax passes, don’t moan and groan if they continue to do right by their citizens and steal our companies because it’s all about them. To the leaders of Kansas City, if you don’t like it get your own star bonds!!!

So as April 5th approaches, I ask you to do something for the region of Kansas City. Think about the region as a whole. We have some pressing issues in this city, like improving the transit system of our area, and we cannot do it without a regional tax. Let’s stand up as citizens and do what’s right by our neighbors. It’s not fair that they have to pay for my trash service and other services that they don’t use that the E tax provides. Finally, one last thought to leave you with, the Golden Rule. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” One day we will need our neighbors to carry this great city forward.

From Alphonzo Miller a KCMO resident off 12th and Prospect


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2 responses to “The E-Tax from someone else’s eyes

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  1. You have GOT to be kidding me. Are you not going to post that I was made fun of for a post explaining my situation as an inner city single mom, called a “dumbass” and a “liar”? Yes, I came out swinging on that post, because I don’t appreciate being called out on trying to share an honest fact about MY LIFE. Would you care to revisit some of the comments from Tony’s calling KC a “Complete shithole, akin to Detroit”, or how about the day those same jerks looked at a picture of Sly James with various Black Urban leaders on March 29th and said “Look at them lining up for a piece of the pie” and “Looks like an America’s Most Wanted Line-up”.

    And you’re mad at ME. YOU ARE MY NEIGHBOR, if you’re at 12th and Prospect. THOSE rich, racist, full of hatred for KCMO jerks smarting off on that webpage all day are NOT my neighbors. They have NOTHING good to say about KCMO proper, they don’t want to pay a measly 1% tax to the place that has provided them a job. Well let them leave. One less jobless person in the urban core.

    Seriously Alphonzo, you have to know that this tax going away would hit our area of town the hardest. Can your next door neighbors afford fee-based trash? Do you want to think about less police on the ground if you ever want to walk to Speedy’s after dark? Why are you defending the people who call your hood a shithole, and want to see it forgotten while the rich get 1% richer.
    Don’t do it, you’re smarter than this.

    Wanna get dinner? Pho 97? Talk this out? I am not kidding, I’ll buy. Expect more from your “neighbors”.

    • Sure I love to eat, but the rich are getting richer cause they don’t pay E-tax most rich people live of capital gains and that is exempt. The job of government is to do what’s best for all people. Our poor neighbors you describe most of them have a flat screen in their living rooms. SO if they get to keep their E-tax they can’t afford 180 dollars for trash? A lot of cities who have privatized trash have a discounted prices for the elderly. For example if we get a 3 million dollar signing bonus from a company we could allot 1 million dollars to cover the discount alloted to seniors and if we get 5 million year we can allot 750 thousand annually to the senior fund. This is an idea off the top of my head so why can’t are leaders come up with ideals. let’s freeze the at 1.26 billion and take the 40 million savings for a real 2 year tax conversation.

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