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A Few Ideas If the E-tax Is Lost                                             

Privatization of trash

My plan to privatize trash works like this:

  • I want to allow an open bid process for all 6 districts
  • Each bid will run for 4 years (open for discussion)
  • I want to allow a special bid in the 3rd and 5th districts to attract the companies operating in those districts to come from within
  • There will be a franchise fee paid yearly to the city (amount open for discussion)
  • Also, a requirement will be to hire the displaced workers that privatization will create

Through this process, the city will save $11,119,780 (amount allocated in the current budget). Furthermore, it will create an additional amount of revenue for the city from the franchise fees received from the contractors.

Land Tax

I’m currently investigating the pro and cons of a land tax to help supplement the loss of the E-tax

City Elected Officials Sacrifice

In this economic climate of uncertainty, I feel that it’s time for our leaders to lead by example. As citizens of the city continue to struggle in their day to day life, with things such as furloughs and lay-offs, I think it would be unfair for us, as elected officials, to ask the city to make sacrifices and not go the extra mile ourselves. So I’m proposing that all City Council members take a $20,000 a year pay cut. You can’t accurately represent an entire community if you’re not going through the same struggle they are. To add to this, I’m asking the future mayor to take a 20% pay cut as well. This will generate an additional $265,000 in savings per year over the next life of the city council.

Managed Competition

Managed competition is a concept being successfully used around the country in cities like: Phoenix, San Diego, Charlotte, and Tulsa.  What it entails is allowing city services to be open for competition with the private sector. What this process will do is increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the services we provide to the citizens, while cutting the cost to provide these services.

My Ideas for use of this process in Kansas City

  • Four areas where I feel we can start with this process would be: Public Works, IT Department, Parks and Recreation, and Water.
  • I want to bring an independent auditor to go through the remaining city’s departments so we can find other areas for this process
  • The city council will have total control of setting the rules and requirements  for the process (i.e. In Phoenix, private bid has to beat the city by 10% to win the bid)
  • I would personally like to see a clause that any jobs removed from the city has to go to the displaced workers at a set rate of pay to win a city bid

This plan is in no way an attack on the hard working city employees throughout the great city of Kansas City. My job, as an elected official, would be to increase efficiency and effectiveness of city services to the residents of the city. In addition, through open competition we can lower the cost of these services. This plan also would provide a partnership between the unions and the city to bid on these contracts in a fair and unbiased bidding process. Fire and police services would  be exempt from this process.


We all know my views on the E-tax, but I think people miss the bigger point with the E-tax. This is the biggest issue that’s been presented to me that I’ve had to face on the campaign trail, but I only count as one vote within this great city. In April the people will decide what’s best for this city. It’s my job as a councilman to help facilitate the needs and wants of the people with my vote on the council.  As people try to confront me on my views of the E-tax, I have one question for the likes of Cindy Circo, Michael Brown, Scott Taylor, Charlie Angel, Scott Wagner and the other candidates running for council.  If the voters decide in April that the E-tax is not the direction they want to go, what plans or ideas do you have for the city?

In conclusion, I want to present the citizens this thought; has the city been good stewards with your tax revenue?   The city is asking everyone to give $200 million for five more years, but what kind of improvement plan has the council offered for us to consider using those funds? If you approach a bank for a business loan you would need a business plan. Have you seen a plan yet on how they will spend? What about how they plan to improve services if we approve this tax? I want to call for accountability and a vision on how the E-tax is going to be used over five years.  The bottom line is this; there’s a lack of leadership in city hall and it’s time we make them show us where our hard earned dollars are going and not just give them a blank check for five years..

Approved By Mahlon Davis  2/7/2011


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  1. How come it’s so easy to see for some and seen as foolish to the blind?

    Thank you for your time, Mahlon, in thinking further than the present for the future of our city.

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